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Corona LOCK DOWN.. Here are the tips by Garage on Call to Keep your Bike Healthy

Keeping bike in Garage (not using) Due to CORONA Lock Down? Here are the tips from Garage on Call experts to Keep your Bike Healthy Start the bike once in two weeks and take it around for a short drive at-least 1-2 kms by changing gears, revving in higher RPMs etc. Parked your bike in…

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Benefits of availing doorstep bike repairing and servicing.

Getting your bike to a professional garage or service provider has multiple advantages that you would surely like to explore.A well maintained and a thorough vehicle makes you save up on your time, and increase the resale value of the same. Not just this, a well maintained vehicle will save a lot of your money.…


Bike servicing – why is it necessary

The Importance Of Bike Servicing For the smooth running, longevity and safety of your bike, regular checks should be carried out to ensure it’s running correctly. The harsh conditions of the winter can be severely detrimental to a bikes performance and both the moving and static parts can be effected. In the road riding spectrum,…

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Tips for excellent bike health

Tyres Regularly check tyre condition and air pressure. Ensure tyre pressures are maintained at manufacturer recommended levels. Check your tyres for cuts and scrapes on your tires, which could cause a blowout. Also check the tyre treads once a week and have the wheels balanced and the alignment checked if the wear is uneven. Engine…