Corona LOCK DOWN.. Here are the tips by Garage on Call to Keep your Bike Healthy


Keeping bike in Garage (not using) Due to CORONA Lock Down?
Here are the tips from Garage on Call experts to Keep your Bike Healthy

  • Start the bike once in two weeks and take it around for a short drive at-least 1-2 kms by changing gears, revving in higher RPMs etc.
  • Parked your bike in a dry area and covered with a cotton bed sheet – cotton to let the material ‘breathe’, this prevents moisture from getting trapped like in the case of plastic covers.
  • Removed the battery, or unplug.
  • Put grease or oil in chain and locks.

Garage on call always share important tips to safe your bike as well you. Due to covid-19 Lockdown we are also unable to provide bike servicing and repairing at home we will  be on board with full services from 15th April 2020.



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